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Y2 Curriculum 2017 - 2018

All the information you need about the curriculum content your children will cover in Y2 is in the attachments at the bottom of this page.

If you have any questions at all about the content of the curriculum, please ask your child's teacher or the KS1 Phase Leader, Mrs Rose. If you can't catch the teacher after school, please call the office and leave a message for the classteacher to give you a call. We are always happy to get back to you.

Although Modern Foreign Languages is not compulsory in EYFS or KS1, we teach basic French in all three phases.

IPC (International Primary Curriculum) Spring 2018:

Our topic for the spring term 2018 is ‘Under the sea’. Please see below what we will be covering in each subject:

  • D&T- We will be using woodwork skills to make a boat. This will include measuring and cutting wood and exploring ways to attach it successfully.
  • Geography- We will be learning the names of the oceans and where they are located. We will also be exploring how beaches have changed over time.
  • Computing- We will begin by developing our word processing skills to type sentences based on a focus story. We will then move onto creating information books about under the sea creatures using the iPads.
  • Science- We will be learning about different types of creatures under the sea and how they are able to survive. We will also be exploring food chains. We will then move onto learning about plants and the best conditions for growing.
  • History- We will be learning about how holidays have changed over time and comparing holidays today to holidays in the past.
  • Literacy- We will be using the story of The Rainbow Fish to create an extended story. We will then move onto letter writing using a book called ‘Letters to Greenpeace’.
  • Mathematics- We will continue exploring the 4 main operations beginning with a recap on addition and subtraction before moving onto multiplication and then division.

To begin our topic we will be having our WOW day on Friday 12th January 2018. Children will be helping to turn the classroom into an underwater scene by creating different sea creatures using a range of materials and techniques.