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Terrington St Clement Community School

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we aspire, succeed and thrive

Spring Term 2019

Spring 1 Theme: Animals

The Great Pet Sale found us thinking about money. We compared different coins to begin to understand the value of money. We used coins to pay. We were set the challenge to find out how much we would have left of 10p if we bought pets costing different amounts from 1p to 10p.

Rosie's Walk - we practically explored positional language eg. above, below, next to, behind using these words from the story. We used hen and fox to generate rhyming strings.

Dear Zoo - we used our phonics to write about the animals in the story eg. labels, It is a... sentences.

Rainbow Fish - we looked at a real fish through magnifiers. We found the different parts of the fish and then used this to label a diagram of a fish. We shared different amounts with a friend to find which numbers share equally between two groups.

Noah's Ark - we counted the animals into the ark in twos. Noah set us a challenge to help him build a new ark for the animals. We used construction kits and also made boats using junk materials and tested these in the water tray.  

Spring 2 Theme: Dinosaurs

At the start of term we arrived to discover a giant footprint in both our classrooms. We decided that a dinosaur had visited over night. This started us thinking about dinosaurs. We thought of questions we would like to find out about dinosaurs.

We started with the non-fiction text How tall is a T-Rex? We did lots of measuring using rulers and metre sticks.

During science week we completed challenges around the story Dinosaurs and All That Rubbish. We built boats and cars to help the dinosaurs escape all the rubbish. We investigated different materials to make a boat that floated. We used the construction kits to make a car to carry a chosen dinosaur that travelled down a ramp.

We made up our own We're Going on a Dinosaur Hunt based on We're Going on a Bear Hunt. We also hatched our own dinosaur egg.