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Terrington St Clement Community School

A traditional school with traditional values

School Council

Terrington St Clement Community School has a large, enthusiastic team of School Councillors.

We are a newly formed council, and are all looking forward to what the future has in store for us. We strive to be a proactive, highly driven team, who will help towards improving our school even more, take on important responsibilities, and ultimately become the ‘voice’ of the pupils of our school.

The Council is run by Miss Newell.

The Chairs of the School Council are Lili-Anne Overton and Hannah Howes.

School Council List (2018-2019



1/2 FC


Violet Kirk

Reserve: Lola Smith

1/2 CD


Henry Wood

Reserve: Laila Ringer

1/2 RI

Evie-Rose Hunn

Reserve: Alexia Dewhirst

3/4 LC


Ruby Lee

Reserve: Miley Hodgson

3/4 NK


Riley Broughton

Reserve: Poppy Jarram

3/4 FP


Will Brammer

Reserve: Olivia Wilcock

5/6 GN


Trystan Fink

Reserve: Amber Fernandes

5/6 LH


George Mallett

Reserve: Jen Wood

5/6 KB


Olivia Wilcock

Reserve:  Berry Schwarz


Luka English

Reserve: Archie Mason

Declaration of rights

A declaration of rights for the children of Terrington St Clement Community School

Devised on the 23rd April 2015:

The pupils at Terrington St. Clement Community School have the following rights:

To be treated fairly, and with respect, by each other and all members of staff.

  • To be listened to by all members of staff.
  • To be given specific jobs and responsibilities in the classroom and/or around school.
  • To have the opportunity to go on 3-4 enriching and educational school trips a year.
  • To experience outdoor learning and education, when possible.
  • For a variety of school clubs to be organised for us, to suit all interests and ages across the school.
  • To have our say when hiring new staff to our school.
  • To have input in to our own curriculum, learning and classroom environment.
  • To be part of free and fair elections.
  • To have our say when the school invests in new resources, through the School Council.
  • For our school behaviour policy (including Good to be Green) to be adhered to at all times to ensure we always feel safe.
  • To be able to take part in, and audition for, class assemblies and special school performances.