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Terrington St Clement Community School

A traditional school with traditional values


Share is the group that leads on Literacy, RE, history and art.

The main priority for SHARE will be the quality of teaching and learning in literacy and in particular reading.

Reading 2018-2019

In the autumn term 2018 we have overhauled our selection of reading scheme books. Over £1,000 has been spent on updating. We have added new titles to all of the book bands and included more non-fiction and for those developing independent readers there are now a selection of short novels to develop the reading stamina for that next step. Feedback from children has been very positive.

In September 2018 we introduced new reading diaries to KS1 and KS2. These promote our commitment to encouraging children to develop a life-long enjoyment of reading with the children being able to rate the books they have read, add a short comment or stickers to give feedback. These diaries are monitored regularly by adults at school and also by SHARE as part of half termly monitoring.

SHARE will monitor:

  • Everything possible is done to make sure reading diaries go home.
  • All comments written in reading diaries by child or parent are acknowledged and follow up of written responses if needed.
  • Reading diaries provide information to parents with how they can support their child's reading at home.

The library has also been included in our focus on reading. This area has been updated and re-organised with children involved in the processes of selecting and purchasing new stock.

For further information and ideas on how to support you child at home with literacy take a look at the following sections under LITERACY:

  • Reading EYFS to Y6
  • Reading Diaries EYFS to Y6
  • 3 Stages of Writing
  • Phonics (EYFS & KS1)
  • Spelling, Grammar & Punctuation (KS1 & KS2)
  • Parent Information Evening Reading & Spelling 01.11.16


In listening to the children we have made changes in our approach to teaching this subject and last year we adopted the BIG RE approach.  We set out to achieve a higher level of interest and engagement from the children and RE lessons they enjoy and make them think. Each half term the children are posed with a question with a religious theme.  They reflect upon what this means to them and their everyday lives. 

BIG RE aims to:  

  • Raise and investigate questions about a religious issue or theme that can be related to their own lives eg. creation, diversity, worship, good and evil, making our locality better, religious conflict and co-operation.
  • Engage in conversation/debate and in doing so gather information, consider alternatives and develop thinking on the theme eg. hearing from believers, researching for themselves, doing a survey, working with dilemmas.
  • Encounter stimulating religious and spiritual materials in compelling ways eg. using film and video creatively, performing drama, hearing inspiring talk, tackling group tasks.
  • Encourage the children to make creative, thoughtful and personal responses to the theme discussion eg. in art, dance, writing, careful thinking, deepening reflection and expression.
  • Ask the question – What does this mean to me?

Monitoring and feedback to governors showed that pupils are responding positively to this changed approach. We are challenging the children with some new themes this year

To find out more about these question see RE.