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With the imminent partial re-opening of schools we have put together a list of FAQ's to answer some of parent/carers questions.  Any group communications about this will also be attached at the bottom of this page so that you can refer to them again if you need to.  Further group specific letters can be found here.  If you have any further questions which you would like answered, please email us at and we will get back to you.

Which year groups are returning & how has this decision been reached?

Learners in Years R, 1 and 6 can return from 2nd June.  This is in addition to the existing provision for children of critical workers and those deemed more vulnerable, and is in response to the recent government announcement that these year groups should return.  We are not re-opening our Nursery at this time for the following reasons:

  1. We anticipate requirement will be low at present and children of critical workers  or deemed vulnerable will be able to attend where possible, as is currently the case.
  2. We do not feel that our very youngest learners will be able to follow any social distancing required.
  3. The very youngest children are likely to need greater assistance with things such as toileting and we feel this will place our staff at too greater risk at present.

Does my child have to attend?

The government has stated that parents/carers will not be fined if you choose not to send your child to school.  We will contact you to discuss this and to check if you need any guidance around home learning.  The government require us to get in contact with you but we will not apply any pressure to attend.  It is your choice.

What measures do you have in place to ensure that as much social distancing as possible is in place?

Whilst we cannot guarantee that all learners, particularly the very youngest are able to maintain social distancing at all times, we will do all we can to ensure this is in place such as:

Designated spaces to line up, one adult per family rule and staggered start and entry times.

Divisions marked in the corridors to support with travelling to and from class as far as possible.

Individual desks, facing the front and spaced to enable a safe distance.  Individual equipment used only by your child.  Surfaces and any equipment used washed regularly.

Learners will be grouped into a maximum of 15 plus 2 adults.  Reception groups have been reduced even further in recognition that for this group, any social distancing is difficult.  Their classroom spaces will look slightly less formal although they will be seated apart and at different tables where possible.  Only hard toys will be used and these will be fully disinfected each evening.  Entrance/exit points from the building, and activities including outside activities are also staggered so that no group has to mix at any point.  Snacks and lunch will be delivered to and eaten in class.  Hot meals will be provided each day as a 'bag meal' to facilitate this.  (As normal these will be provided for free for any child in the infants and for those in receipt of free school meals.  Y6's will need to pay for dinners in the normal way.)  Learners and adults will wash their hands on entry, before and after eating, before leaving school and at other points during the day.  No cycles or scooter will be allowed on site to avoid unnecessary trips across the playground past other groups lining up.  There are other measures in place but these are the key ones.

Will home learning continue for any child not attending?

Yes this will continue as it is.  Teachers have some release time to maintain this but please be aware they may take slightly longer to respond to work sent in or completed online (up to  2-3 days) due to time spent in class too.

How can I keep myself safe when dropping off/collecting my child?

  1. Please stick strictly to the timings  for you child's group and ensure that both you and your child stays with you by a cone whilst waiting.  
  2. Walk if you possible can and remain in small family groups only.
  3. Avoid sharing cars or giving lifts to members of a different household.
  4. If you are a disabled parent, please contact the school office so that we can arrange collection from your car at a specified time.

What if my child displays symptoms whilst at school?

We plan to use the Lodge building to the RHS of the school for placing any child in who is unwell and needs collection.  Your child will be cared for safely by the member of staff supervising.  The member of staff will wear PPE in case your child needs assistance and you will be asked to collect your child from the front gate.

What if I am late dropping my child off?

Unfortunately, your child will not be able to attend if you are more than 5 minutes late.  This is to avoid the possibility of other groups mixing and also to reduce the possible spread of infection if multiple learners enter through the office.

What will happen if my child is upset coming into school?

Your child will need to be able to enter school by themselves with verbal encouragement from the staff collecting them.  Unfortunately we will not be able to hold their hand going into class but rest assured we will of course do all we can to reassure them.  If your child is unable to enter by themselves, we will need to ask you to return home with your child.  However, we will then continue to work with you to find a solution so that they are able to enter school happily on another day.

Will I still be able to visit the school office?

We request parents/carers avoid visiting the office and communicate by email or telephone if at all possible.  However if you do need to visit the office, only one family group will be able to enter the foyer at a time and you will be asked to stand behind the taped area.

Will I be able to bring my other children with me who are not attending for drop off and pick up times?

If there is no-one else available to look after your other children at home, yes of course you may bring them with you.  Please ensure that the whole family stays together by your alloted cone.

What if I have 2 children attending with different drop off and pick up times?

Please wait outside the school, away from the school gates in a space socially distanced from others and re-enter at the next drop off or pick up time.

What will happen if my child is upset or distressed whilst in school, will they still be comforted?

Of course.  Whilst we will be doing all we can to maintain a distance, children and staff are grouped in smaller bubbles which will not mix in order to allow us to intervene if really necessary although our aim would be to talk to them to reassure them.  We would not dream of leaving your child visibly upset.  If we were unable to comfort them we would call you to collect them.

Will my child be reminded to keep away from others?

Yes but in an age appropriate way and in such a way as to both help them understand the need for this but also to avoid frightening them.  For example, we might direct a very young child to another table or area to play by saying, "Rosie, why don't you come and play with this toy."  When children are outside, we will play the "bubble game."  So if we spot that children are getting too close during their sporting activities  we will shout, "bubble," and children will taught to spin around and check they are in a space.

If a member of my child's group is sent home with symptoms, will my whole family have to self isolate for 14 days?

No.  The government guidance states that any child or staff member displaying symptoms should be sent home immediately.  We would then move our group into another space to avoid the possibility of touching surfaces etc that may have been touched by that individual.  This is a precaution as our efforts to socially distance should reduce this risk anyway. 

The household of the child sent home with symptoms would need to self isolate for 14 days and we would request that parents/carers apply for a test.  If the test was negative, the group would return to their original space and continue as normal.  In the event that the test was positive all members of that group, children and staff would need to self-isolate at home for 14 days and the room cleaned thoroughly before children and staff return.  However other members of the household would not need to self-isolate unless the child or staff member developed symptoms. 

What can/should my child bring to school?

PE kits are not required.  Please only bring in the following:

  • coat (if cold)
  • hat (for sunny weather)
  • water bottle
  • lunch box (if not having a hot meal)