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We will continue to update our a list of FAQ's to answer parent/carers' questions as necessary.  Any relevant information letters can be found here.  If you have any further questions which you would like answered, please email us at and we will get back to you.

Which year groups are returning & how has this decision been reached?

All children are expected to return to school in September.  The government have made this decision based on lower infection rates and a recognition that children are being disadvantaged by missing education and the routines of school life.  Further government advice about this can be found here.

Does my child have to attend?

The government has stated that attendance will be compulsory from September.  We understand that, due to specific family circumstances, some of you may be concerned so please contact us if you would like to discuss this.

What measures do you have in place to ensure that as much social distancing as possible is in place?

It is accepted that young children cannot maintain social distancing and that this is also likely to be detrimental to their wellbeing and development.  To mitigate risk we have the following measures in place:

  • Additional hand washing
  • Class sized 'bubbles' (groups)
  • Y1 to Y6 will be seated in forward facing desks
  • Staggered break times with 'bubbles' separated
  • Lunches eaten in classroom bases
  • Additional cleaning of shared areas
  • Limiting items transferred between school and home to 'essential' items
  • Isolation area for any learner developing symptoms whilst on site
  • No-one to access the site if they are displaying any symptoms and adherence to self-isolation tracked for any families affected.
  • Individual frequently used equipment (e.g. pencils/rulers etc) and frequent washing/quarantine of other share resources (e.g. lego, sports equipment and books returned from home)
  • Parents/carers should avoid visiting the school office if you possibly can and instead communicate via telephone or email
  • Designated areas to line up for each class, one adult per family and staggered start times
  • Request that all adults collecting and dropping off children wear a face mask in the playground.  Staff will wear these too at these times.

Will home learning continue for any child not attending (e.g. if they are required to self-isolate)?

We have now published some online learning in the Learners Pages of this website and will continue to develop and update this.  We recently surveyed parents to find out whether your child has access to a device at home and Internet access. For those that do not, we have packs ready to send out by post.

How can I keep myself safe when dropping off/collecting my child?

  1. Please wear a face mask in the playground or when waiting outside the school gates for your child.
  2. Please stick strictly to the areas  for your child's group and ensure that your child stays lined up in their class group.  
  3. Walk if you possibly can and remain in small family groups only.
  4. Avoid sharing cars or giving lifts to members of a different household.
  5. Keep 2 metres apart from other adults.
  6. If you are a disabled parent, please note you will be unable to park in the car park between certain times as we are using this space as an assembly point.  Please contact the school office to discuss the best way to drop off and collect your child from school.

What if my child displays symptoms whilst at school?

We plan to use the Lodge building to the RHS of the school for placing any child in who is unwell and needs collection.  Your child will be cared for safely by the member of staff supervising.  The member of staff will wear PPE in case your child needs assistance and you will be asked to collect your child from the front gate.

What if I am late dropping my child off?

We expect our learners to arrive on time.  However, on the rare occasion that your child is late, you will be able to take them to the school office.  You will be asked to remain outside and wait with your child for an adult assigned to your child's class to collect them.  Please note only one adult/family should enter the foyer at any point.

What will happen if my child is upset coming into school?

As we would normally do, a member of staff from your child's bubble will help escort your child to class.  Unfortunately, you will not be able to enter the building to help settle them but we can call you later to reassure you that they are settled and happy.

Will I still be able to visit the school office?

We request parents/carers avoid visiting the office and communicate by email or telephone if at all possible.  However if you do need to visit the office, only one family group will be able to enter the foyer at a time and you will be asked to stand behind the taped area. You will also need to wear a mask to enter the foyer.

What if I have 2 children attending with different drop off times and/or in a different location?

If your child is mature enough to wait by themselves in their  queue, please leave them there and accompany your younger child to their line. 

All of the Infant children are assembling in the same area so it should be possible to supervise your children whilst they line up by their class.  If you need to, you may wait with your child but please ensure that you remain 2 metres from other adults.

What will happen if my child is upset or distressed whilst in school, will they still be comforted?

Of course.  We would not dream of leaving your child visibly upset. 

Will my child be reminded to keep away from others?

Your child will be reminded to keep away from other bubbles/classes in an age appropriate way.  However they will be able to mix within their group.  Nevertheless, we have timetabled our school day to minimise opportunities for learners from other bubbles to mix.

If a member of my child's group is sent home with symptoms, will my whole family have to self isolate for 14 days?

No.  The government guidance states that any child or staff member displaying symptoms should be sent home immediately.  

The household of the child sent home with symptoms would need to self isolate for 14 days and we would request that parents/carers apply for a test.  We have told that schools will be given home testing kits which we will be able to send home with you.  We expect any child sent home with symptoms to have a test.  If the test was negative, your child may return to school and your family may stop isolating.

If the test was positive, your child would need to self-isolate for 10 days and their household for 14 days.  Unless your child walks to and from school by themselves, in reality we understand that it is unlikely that they would be able to return until their parents/carers no longer need to self-isolate (after 14 days).  The school would inform the local Public Health body and they would advise us on our next steps.  In reality, if a test were positive, it is likely that the entire class bubble would be required to self isolate.  However other members of the household would not need to self-isolate unless the child or staff member developed symptoms. 

The school will keep a log of any individuals which your child may have come into contact with to assist with Test, Track and Trace measures.

What can/should my child bring to school?

PE kits are not required.  Please only bring in the following:

  • coat (if cold)
  • hat (for sunny weather)
  • water bottle
  • lunch box (if not having a hot meal)
  • school reading books
  • a small bag (as small as possible please) to carry equipment in

Will my child be taught a full curriculum?

Yes, that is our aim.  The only changes/exceptions are the following:

PE - Our learners will have daily outside activities and we will still teach PE although avoiding contact sports and focusing on developing individual skills.  All sport/PE teaching will take place outside.  We will not be commencing swimming lessons immediately in September.

Music - This will not include chanting or singing until guidance on this changes.

Computing - We have recently moved across to a Google Platform and, during the Autumn Term, will be focussing on ensuring that our learners can access this from a web browser so that work can be set and completed online in the future if necessary/applicable (age dependent).

Will the Holt Hall Residential Trip take place as planned?

No.  Unfortunately, no overnight trips are currently allowed so we have had to take the sensible decision to cancel this trip to avoid losing our deposit.  

If I need to rearrange my holiday due to Covid-19, will this be authorised?

No, unless you provide evidence that you could not get your money back or did not have a choice of when it was rebooked.  

My child attend a club outside of school, if another child at the club but attends a different school tests positive, will my child need to self-isolate?

This will depend on whether it is deemed that your child has been in close contact with the child who tests positive.  However in most circumstances, e.g. sports clubs, your child  will normally have to self-isolate for 14 days from the last contact with the other child. Schools are advised to contact the Department for Education Covid Helpline for advice in these circumstances and follow the advice issued.  It is assumed that primary pupils are not able to socially distance within a group and will therefore be classed as a close contact. 

Why do Covid Secure Measures/Set Up differ from school to school

In short, each school is already operating very differently even in "normal" times.  The organisation will depend on a variety of things from outside space available to pupil numbers to funding and staff numbers.  Schools have been given both guidance from the Department of Education (government) and Norfolk County Council and must adhere to these as far as practically possible.  Some schools may not be able to implement all of the measures in the same way due to restrictions on the size of the school site for example, but, as an employer, must prove that they are keeping as close to the guidance as possible .