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Terrington St Clement Community School

A traditional school with traditional values where

we aspire, succeed and thrive


At Terrington St Clement Community School we recognise and value the importance of our learners becoming confident, successful, independent readers. We are keen to work together with you in supporting your child on their journey towards achieving this.  

We ask all EYFS learners to complete reading at home. With our younger learners this will need the support of a parent/ carer. Our expectation is that learners will read for at least 10 minutes every day at home. 

Reading Book bundles

Each week learners will take a reading book bundle to share at home. We are passionate about fostering a love of reading for pleasure, so library books form part of the reading bundle. These books provide a gateway into a world of imagination, empathy and delight, as well as being crucial for developing language. 

In nursery-age book bundles, learners are provided with two library books each week to share at home. We also encourage parents/ carers to read other texts to their child at home to develop a love of reading and reading for pleasure. 

In reception-age book bundles, learners are provided with a decodable reading text which matches their current Phonics knowledge and development. The expectation is that the decodable text will be read 4 times, across the week, working on these skills: decoding, fluency and expression. ELS Phonics programme gives learners skills and knowledge to read well and quickly. Learners will also have a library book that should be shared at home that week to encourage a love of reading and reading for pleasure. 

As part of the book bundle, learners will also have a weekly bookmark. Parents/ carers are encouraged to record on this the reading completed at home. On the bookmark we will also share information about the weekly phonics focus and ideas for how to support your child at home with their learning.  You can find examples of the bookmarks at the bottom of this page. 

Reading Badge Challenge

At the start of each year, we set every learner in school the challenge of reading 20 books to achieve their school reading badge. In EYFS, to achieve this they will need to share 20 school library books/ bedtime stories from home. 

Why not check out some of the 50 Recommended Reads for Nursery and Reception at the bottom of this page. The lists include both fiction and non-fiction titles that have been carefully selected for these age ranges to develop vocabulary, comprehension skills and creativity. Many of the stories feature familiar settings and relatable real-life experiences. Some explore the tricky world of learning to get on with others. Others still provide the opportunity to talk about and explore different emotions.