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People who help us


People Who Help Us

As part of our topic ‘People Who Help Us’ we have been inviting visitors into the class to speak to the children.  So far they have been visited by a taxi driver, sports coach, the school crossing patrol lady and a PCSO. 

·         The taxi driver talked about helping people to get to places, such as children to school and families to the airport for their holidays etc.

·         The school crossing patrol lady explained why she is needed to help children cross the road safely on their way to school.  She talked about why it is important that she wear such bright clothes.

·         The sports coach talked to the children about the different ways he helps children to keep fit and healthy.  He explained that he taught them to be active and play a wide range of sports.  He also talked about some of the different schools and clubs he works with.

·         The PCSO explained that he does various different things to help people – besides “arresting the baddies!”  He talked for example about helping people who were lost or had lost something or someone, helping out when people had been burgled or had their property damaged and helping to make sure everyone was safe if there was an accident.  The highlight was that the children then got to look in the patrol car and set the lights and sirens going!  Click here to see the photographs.