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Terrington St Clement Community School

A traditional school with traditional values where

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Infinity and Beyond

You will soon be able to see lots of examples of our pupils working on their individual projects in Infinity and Beyond. This is where the children themselves decide where they would like to take their learning next.

The children are really excited by Infinity and Beyond as you can tell from the email sent in by one of our parents:

"Last Thursday (10th May), I needed to keep my son  off school for the first half an hour of the school day as he had an eye infection and I needed to take him to the chemist to get some eye drops. His response to this was “Oh, but Mum, do I have to? I’m going to miss ‘Infinity and Beyond’ and it’s really exciting”.

As a parent it’s really heartening to see your child so engaged and the detailed account my son gave me about what he’s doing is testament that this particular learning opportunity is capturing the children (or my son, at least!)."