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Terrington St Clement Community School

A traditional school with traditional values

Holt Hall December 2016

Messages from children working in the big lab:

Marianne says: It's really fun working and creating stuff. The food is delicious and I would definitely have it again.

Nicholas says: It was great fun flying kites this morning and making sweets and going down to the beach. It's amazing coming here for the first time.

Harry says: I liked building the dens because it gave us the chance to work together and see what it was like doing real jobs.

Gethyn says: The arts and crafts are amazing and the food is epic. Making the Santa train was the best.

Seth says: It's a fun, educational trip. The arts and crafts are the best. I like playing in the games room just before I go to bed.

Ethan says: The food is lovely. The apple crumble last night was brilliant. I like the stuff I am making. The train was really hard to build but I did it.

Jake: The bacon roll was the best food but all the food is delicious. Making stuff can be annoying but fun because you have to put all these things together.

Riley A: If I had to rate the food, I would give it a 5 star! I would definitely recommend coming again and all the activities are great fun and you get the best night's sleep.

James W: It there is one thing I didn't want to leave, it was den building! I would recommend coming again.

Riley B: The bacon rolls, apple crumble and custard were the best I have ever had. We saw a seal near the beach this morning when we were flying our kites.

Sam: Holt Hall is amazing  and the food is top quality. The den building really improved my team skills and I've really enjoyed being here with all my friends.

Max: I would definitely not have missed this experience. The activities are amazing and really joyful. The dinner I couldn't have ever imagined. Especially the apple crumble - it was amazing.

Trinity: It is a really good oportunity to go on a trip with your friends. I really liked making the mints and the tuck shop at night is good to have a drink. I like the dens because it is fun to make a den with your friends and go for a walk to find nature.

Ellie: I like that we get to spend all of our time with our friends and our teachers. It is fun building dens together and you also get to make loads of creative stuff.

James C: A great place to be with spending time with everyone you like especially the teachers.All of the activities are fun and it's a true 5 star rating.

Kyle W-Clark: You can discover loads and build dens. The food is delicious especially the biscuits.

Brianna: It's a good opportunity for children who haven't been away from their parents so when you get older you can go away with your friends.

Casey-Mae: You should really come to Holt Hall for a weekend because you can do loads of fun activities and it is a good chance for your children to run about.The food is very good and it will be the best place to go on holiday.

Elisha: You learn loads of stuff at Holt Hall: how to make a Santa train, Christmas shopping bags was fun. The bedrooms are cosy to sleep in but difficult to get to sleep if you're cold.

Kyle D: Holt Hall is lovely because most of the stuff we eat is grown at Holt Hall and the surrounding areas.

 Messages from the children working in the little lab:

Jacob: I love everything about Holt Hall.  Making peppermint sweets and working in the little lab is my favourite.

Keeley: I like the activities we do. I liked making the trains and the food is delicious.

Millie E: I like the dorms, outside area and doing the art & craft things. The pizza pin wheels, shortbread and ginger cake are delicious

Hannah: I like the dorms, night walk and the food is lovely and I love Mr Denny singing christmas songs. The staff are really nice.

Madeline: I like making the christmas things and I like the food. I like the night walk too.

Lili: I want to come back here again. it is a good place and the staff are nice and also the Terrington staff too. We all have to take turns in clearing the tables and cleaning them.

Abigail: I liked the night walk, the food is really nice and the christmas tree is really pretty. I'm having a fun time.

Ella: I like Holt Hall. the dorms are good because you sleep with other people and you get used to it. The staff are nice. They serve really good food. Mr Denny is a good pop star!

Olivia: My favourite so far was flying the kites at the beach and the food is lovely. The craft activities are good too. The evening walk with the torches was exciting. The teachers score us on different things.

Alec: The games room, the night walks and the activities are your favourites. Food is really nice and the staff are all nice. I want to come again.

Amy: You get to do some Christmas crafts, we made a Santa train. The food is good here and I want to come back next year, please mum!

Reggie: I like everything about Holt Hall. The food is lovely. I'd like to come back next year. I loved the den building in the woods.

Molly: It's fun and I have learnt a lot here. I liked the jacket potato we had for lunch today.

Sapphire:The food has been really nice. I quite liked the pasta bolognese. I like the dormitories and the staff who work here are really lovely. I wish we could stay for longer.

Adam: I like the food especially the Christmas dinner.  I loved the den building because I like building stuff.

Daniel: The food is good. I liked the Christmas dinner and the pudding was great. The best thing about the dormitories was the bunk beds.

Jordan: I have loved everything. The dinner was the best thing – everything.

Harvey P: The food has been the best I have ever tasted particularly the cakes. I loved everything.

Harvey H: I would say it’s a wonderful place to go and if anyone wanted to go, I would recommend it. If I had to come back for one thing, it would be the arts and crafts because I don’t get to do a lot of that.

Mr. Denny: Feeling happy - it is great here and the children are actually all right. Tired: last night, the children went to bed - eventually. I have thoroughly enjoyed all the food here, including the leftovers, and I can't wait for the Christmas Dinner tonight!

Please remember to park in the tennis court carpark and walk down to the lab in which your child has worked. If you are a holder of a blue badge - please continue down towards the stables to the right of the hall and park near the staff cars on the left. Please do not pull on to the cobbles.

Safe journey.

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