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Terrington St Clement Community School

A traditional school with traditional values where

we aspire, succeed and thrive

FAQs for parents

 How do we keep in touch with each other?

We communicate to parents via MarvellousMe.

If you need to let the teacher know about appointments etc. please email Mrs Gascoyne.

You can also phone us at any time. If we can't get to the phone, you can leave a message with the office staff and they will give us a message to ring back. Please tell them if it is urgent ~ 01553 828348

Will my child need a uniform?

Your child will need to wear a school uniform in the SRB.  This will be their home school uniform.

 What do I do if my child is unwell?

If your child is unwell, the first thing to do is to contact the taxi driver, then you need to ring and leave a message on our school number 01553 828348, finally you need to call the home school and let them know why your child is not attending the SRB.  You need to do this every day so we can keep track of your child’s attendance.


Image result for minibus clip artWill my child go on trips with the SRB?

Yes!  Social activities are very important for your child.  As well as the trips we organise for the SRB children, we feel it is important your child does not miss out on these activities with their home schools.  Please email Mrs Gascoyne before hand to let her know if they are on a trip with their home school.

How do I know how well my child is doing?

Regular communication is the key.  Each term you will be invited to visit the SRB, together with the child’s home school teacher.  You will be able to see your child have a therapy session with the speech and language therapist, followed by the chance to discuss their progress.  After this, you will both meet with the SRB teacher to discuss your child’s progress in the classroom.  You will be able to look through their books as you would at a normal parent’s evening.  You will have the opportunity to ask questions and discuss any concerns you may have.

The SRB teacher will visit your child in their home school the alternate half term.  They will visit the classroom to ensure your child is coping well with the shared placement and meet with the teacher.  You are welcome to join these meetings.

Following both types of meeting you will receive a signed copy of the notes from the meeting.

In addition you are welcome to visit any time to see a speech therapy session, we just ask that you book an appointment a few days before to make sure the therapist is here on that day.

We also hold regular ‘Open Afternoons’ for which you will be invited to attend.  Although this is not the time for in depth discussions on your child (the classroom will be a busy place), it provides you with a good opportunity to observe your child for yourself and see how they are socialising.