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Terrington St Clement Community School

A traditional school with traditional values

Educational Visits

If your child has been on an educational visit, we include information and photographs here for you to look at.

Mrs C Duncan is the school's Educational Visits Co-ordinator (EVC). She makes sure all the planning for visits, including risk assessments, are completed before submitting them to the headteacher to authorise.  Some visits such as residential visits or visits involving water or climbing activities have to be authorised by Norfolk County Council Children's Services. The planning is sent to them rather than the headteacher.

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Car seats:

Click on the link to see the advice on children using car seats:

If we take small groups of children out in the high school minibus, we do not provide car seats. Parents are invited to provide their own seat if they choose.

If we take small groups of pupils out and we use staff cars, pupils are measured to see if they need a car seat. If we do not have enough school car seats, we ask parents to provide their own.

We always make sure pupils do not travel alone in cars with staff. Our school policy is wherever possible for two adults to accompany three pupils. Where this is not possible, the lead car has one adult with three pupils and the car behind has two adults with three pupils. This is so they have sight of the car in front at all times.