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Terrington St Clement Community School

A traditional school with traditional values

EYFS blog

You will be able to find regular blogs from the EYFS reception- aged children on this page:


Oranges- What have you been doing/learning this week?

Austen: 'I learnt about keeping safe. I hold my mumy's hand when crossing the road.' (keeping safe discussions as part of internet safety day)

Joshua: 'I went to the Lodge. I done some cutting, glueing and I drew a dinosaur picture.'

Theodore: 'There were dinosaurs in the ice. The one on the radiator melted.' (ice investigation to free the dinosaurs)

Alfie: 'I drew a dot then made it into a picture. I made a picnic picture. I'm like Mister Maker, I love doing art.' (part of our The Dot story/art afternnoon)


Lemons - What have you been doing/learning this week?

Tyler: 'Keeping safe with mums and dads.' (part of internet safety awareness day)

Leo: 'Learning to share because it is good.'

Charlie: 'Dinosaur, glue on it. It was a T-Rex.' (order the part of the muddled photograph of a T-Rex)

Jayden: 'Racing, learning how to win. I won beacuse I had a bigger spade.' (hide the dinosaur activity in the sand exploring the capacity of different containers and filling equipment)




Oranges - What have you been doing/learning this week?

Archie: 'Doing my cvc words in phonics. I had box on my list.'

Darcey: 'I made a dinosaur fossil. I used flour, salt, coffee, sand and warm water.'

Talen: 'I used the Beebot. I had to give it instructions to go forward.'

Freddy: 'I looked at the different pictures and had to describe what I could see.' (story - Dinosaurs and all that rubbish)


Lemons - What have you been doing/learning this week?

Tommy: 'I looked at the pictures and had to find differences.' (Dinosaurs and all that rubbish - different environments in the story)

Emily: 'We had to press the buttons on the Beebot to make it go forward.'

Cieran: 'I had to put the dinosaurs into sets. Ones that had sharp teeth and ones that don't have sharp teeth.'

Kobi: 'Cut the dinosaur bits out to make the picture.' (dinosaur skeleton)



Oranges - What have you been doing/learning this week?

Zoe: 'I made a fossil. It's something that was left from years ago like a dinosaur bone.'

Ethan: 'I made my own dinosaur. I called it Rockyosaurus.'

Ben: 'I did the cutting for the grass. I snipped and snipped. It was hard.' (cutting technique called 'feathering')

Layla F: 'I learnt to measure the length of my foot.'


Lemons - What have you been doing/learning this week?

Logan:  'I got all my words right and I'm now on yellow ones not red anymore.'

Madison: 'I made a fossil out of dough. It was fun.'

B: 'I learnt how to measure the length of my foot. I took my shoe off and drew round my foot. It tickled me.'

M: 'I found out all dinosaurs are different. My dinosaur was called Do-you-think-he-saw-us.'



Oranges - What have you been doing/learning this week?

Ki: 'Made a dinosaur picture on the computer, it was fun.'

William: 'I learnt to cut out a dinosaur, scissor safety, you sit down when using scissors.'

Lewis: 'We had to make a dinosaur out of paint. We had to blow the paint with a straw.'

Layla T: 'I made a rainbow, I use powder paint.'

Lola: 'I jumped back and forwards on a number line. I didn't think I could do it but I did.'

Ben: 'Dinosaur rap, we copied what Andy was doing. I liked it.' (cbeebies Andy's Prehistoric Dinosaur Raps)


Lemons- What have you been doing/learning this week?

Harley: 'Paint a rainbow with powder paint. It had red, blue, pink and orange on it.'

Isabella: 'Blow paint on a dinosaur. It was really fun but hard to blow it.'

Miley: 'I can write sock.'

Stanley: 'I counted dinosaurs in my book and you had to add and take away. It was tricky.'



Oranges - What have you been doing/learning this week?

Aaron: 'cutting'

Rosie: 'learnt all my sounds'

Ruby: 'I'm a phonics super star, I have been practising them at home and school. It was fun.' (letter sounds a-z)

Lilly: 'I learnt to mix the paints. I mixed blue and yellow and it made green.'

Evelyn: 'Learnt lots about dinosaurs. Dinosaurs fight for food, T-Rex eat meat.'

Noah: 'Counting forwards and backwards on a number line.'


Lemons - What have you been doing/learning this week?

Lilly B: 'Dinosaurs, some fly.'

Lilly C: 'I've been to dough disco, you roll it, slap it and squeeze it.'

Max: 'Letters and numbers, I counted to 11.'

Nellie: 'I been mixing colours, red, blue and yellow made brown and yellow and blue made green.'