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Terrington St Clement Community School

A traditional school with traditional values where

we aspire, succeed and thrive


Our SRB pupils take part in all class and school council meetings. Every year, pupils in the SRB vote for their preferred member of the school council. During breakfast time, the pupils share their views on the school and give their opinions about how the school can be improved. The class representative takes the views of the SRB pupils to the whole school council.

In lessons, our SRB pupils share how they feel about their work, if they have understood or not, if they are confident or not. They do this quite simply by using a smiley face system. Because there are a high number of adults in the SRB, pupils can give their individual feedback to staff. This feedback is then shared between staff members when they are planning for following lessons.

Once every half term, parents and home school classteachers are invited into school to meet with Mrs Gascoyne and the speech therapist Mrs Meehan, to share information about pupils. This is a good opportunity to assess how the SRB is meeting the needs of the pupils, to discuss how well the pupils are being supported back in the mainstream school and how parents feel their children about attending the SRB. This works along the same principle as parents' evenings in schools with the added benefit of having all the professionals present. During these visits, parents and homeschool teachers sit in during their child's speech therapy sessions with Mrs Meehan. Feedback from parents and teachers about this opportunity is really positive.