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Terrington St Clement Community School

A traditional school with traditional values

Behaviour and Bullying

Ofsted September 2018 said:

"The behaviour of pupils is outstanding."

"Pupils behave impeccably. They conduct themselves in a mature and cheerful manner, both inside and outside classrooms. They enjoy the company of their peers and adults. Pupils are polite and well mannered. During the inspection, they willingly offered help with directions for inspectors."

"Pupils respond quickly to adult direction. This means that learning is rarely disrupted by poor behaviour. Pupils are keen to learn and thrive on challenges, even where they are difficult. They are proud of their learning and take care with the presentation of their work."


Behaviour at Terrington St Clement Community School is excellent. We know this because visitors who have wide experience of visiting other schools tell us. Also when we take our pupils out into the community, members of the public tell us.

We do not teach our pupils how to misbehave but occasionally pupils do let us down and any behaviour which falls below our very high standards is dealt with quickly.

  • Firstly classteachers and support staff speak with any pupils whose behaviour is not good enough. If these pupils take note of this warning, it is then left at that point. 
  • If pupils continue to misbehave, sanctions (punishments) are put in place. These sanctions are designed to correct the misbehaviour. This may be missing breaktimes, writing a letter of apology, asking anyone, child or adult on the receiving end how they feel the pupil should be sanctioned. Pupils are often fairer and more realistic than we give them credit for.
  • If sanctions imposed at this stage do not correct the misbehaviour, the classteacher will speak informally to the parents. Hopefully working together corrects behaviour at this point.
  • Sometimes (but rarely) pupils have complex needs which means their behaviours do not conform in the way others expect. The approach in these cases is different and parents are invited to meet with Miss Hackett to discuss how the pupil's needs can be met.
  • Occasionally a pupil's behaviour causes sufficient concern for them to be sent to Miss Hackett directly. This is usually sufficient to put a stop to the behaviour but if it doesn't. Miss Hackett will take the decision to exclude that pupil. (the exclusion policy is below). This happens very rarely but is used if necessary.

Information about our behaviour policy and our anti-bullying polic is part of the school's safeguarding policy. Click HERE to find all the safeguarding policies.

You can find all our policies relating to behaviour and bullying by opening the attachments below: