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Terrington St Clement Community School

A traditional school with traditional values

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Oranges - What have you been doing/learning this week?

Aaron: 'cutting'

Rosie: 'learnt all my sounds'

Ruby: 'I'm a phonics super star, I have been practising them at home and school. It was fun.' (letter sounds a-z)

Lilly: 'I learnt to mix the paints. I mixed blue and yellow and it made green.'

Evelyn: 'Learnt lots about dinosaurs. Dinosaurs fight for food, T-Rex eat meat.'

Noah: 'Counting forwards and backwards on a number line.'


Lemons - What have you been doing/learning this week?

Lilly B: 'Dinosaurs, some fly.'

Lilly C: 'I've been to dough disco, you roll it, slap it and squeeze it.'

Max: 'Letters and numbers, I counted to 11.'

Nellie: 'I been mixing colours, red, blue and yellow made brown and yellow and blue made green.'