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Terrington St Clement Community School

A traditional school with traditional values

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Oranges - What have you been doing/learning this week?

Archie: 'Doing my cvc words in phonics. I had box on my list.'

Darcey: 'I made a dinosaur fossil. I used flour, salt, coffee, sand and warm water.'

Talen: 'I used the Beebot. I had to give it instructions to go forward.'

Freddy: 'I looked at the different pictures and had to describe what I could see.' (story - Dinosaurs and all that rubbish)

Lemons - What have you been doing/learning this week?

Tommy: 'I looked at the pictures and had to find differences.' (Dinosaurs and all that rubbish - different environments in the story)

Emily: 'We had to press the buttons on the Beebot to make it go forward.'

Cieran: 'I had to put the dinosaurs into sets. Ones that had sharp teeth and ones that don't have sharp teeth.'

Kobi: 'Cut the dinosaur bits out to make the picture.' (dinosaur skeleton)